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Take Your Fitness To The Next Level With Personal Training

Endurance Fitness offers personal training with experienced, certified personal trainers ready to work with you to reach your fitness goals.  Personal training can be done one on one or in small group settings.  Training sessions can include, but not limited to, pilates reformers, individualized workout plans, kettlebells and TRX Suspension exercises.  Endurance also offers Virtual Personal Training so you can work along side a trainer, on your own schedule, with workouts that are planned for you to help you acheive your goals.

All new members to Endurance Fitness receive a complimentary training session with one of our trainers.  Please  Contact Us or stop by the front desk to schedule.

One-on-One Personal & Partner Training Packages

# of sessions 30 minute sessions 45 minute sessions 60 minute sessions 30 minute partner sessions 60 minute  partner sessions
3 $120 $160 $195 $50/person $90/person
5 +1 free $225 $300 $375 $110/person $175/person
10 +2 free $420 $570 $720 $200/person $325/person
15 +3 free $540 $765 $990 $240/person $450/person
20 +4 free $600 $900 $1200 $275/person $500/person
No expiration No expiration No expiration No expiration No expiration

*Introductory Personal Training Packages are available for new personal training clients. For just $180, get started with 6 – 30 minute sessions/per person.

Small Group Training Classes

TRX, Kettlebells, Strength Training and Cardio/Core (group of 3 or more participants).

Pilates Reformer Classes limited to 3 participants.

30-minute class

5 classes $50
10 classes $100

45-minute class

5 classes $75
10 classes $150

60-minute class

5 classes $100
10 classes $200

If you have questions regarding personal training or for help to find the trainer that is right for you, please contact
Barb Iacarella-Fudali by emailing:

Meet Our Certified Personal Trainers

Barb Fudali

General Manager, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor

Bridget Hultman

Personal Trainer

Rhonda Poach

Personal Trainer, Yoga and Group Fitness Instructor

Kelley Hartman

Personal Trainer

Melanie Rankins

Personal Trainer Group Fitness Instructor

Barb Iacarella-Fudali
I began my fitness journey with Group Exercise in 1982. I started training others to teach in 1995. I then became a Fitness Specialist in 1999, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer in 2000, and a Pilates Reformer Specialist shortly after that.

Fitness is my passion. It gives me no greater pleasure than to see others working out, getting fit and staying healthy.

My personal mission is to positively impact as many people to lead a healthier lifestyle as I can, by building lasting relationships, encouraging, training, coaching and teaching programs that maximize the use of my talents and reflect my personal faith in God.

Bridget Hultman
I have been an ACE Certified Personal Trainer since 2017 and I have had a passion for fitness for most of my life! Being a mom of two young girls, I know how difficult it can be to find the time to take care of yourself. My focus is short duration with high intensity workouts. I like to integrate many different forms of exercise, as well as different equipment to keep routines exciting and to achieve maximum results in minimal time.

I have a true passion for fitness and I love helping people gain strength and to accomplish their goals.

Rhonda Poach
As an Advanced Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and Yoga teacher, it is my role to motivate, enable, and encourage! By tailoring workouts for each individuals needs, I try to make fitness a fun and rewarding experience. It’s never to late to realize your health and fitness goals!

Kelly Hartman
Kelley Hartman is a motivational life coach and Certified Personal Trainer . Kelley received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Minnesota and her Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. Kelley specializes in inspiring her clients to reconnect with their heart and overcome limiting self beliefs.

Kelley began her personal journey of transformation 8 years ago.  She was 100 pounds overweight, tired all the time and depressed. She was working in a highly stressful job where she was unappreciated and overworked. She was unhappy and felt that there had to be a better life for her out there. That is when she met her mentor who inspired her co-found a non-profit dedicated to health and wellness in the community. It was that decision that changed her life! She learned to invest in herself and pursue her dreams.  Kelley joined the YMCA and started dancing three nights a week and lifting weights. Kelley connected with a fitness coach who helped her to focus on implementing gradual lifestyle changes to live a healthy and full life. Her fitness coach helped her to maintain her healthy lifestyle and lose 100 lbs. Since then, Kelley has dedicated her life to helping her clients overcome self-limiting beliefs that can contribute living an unhealthy lifestyle. This frees her clients to pursue their true passion and design the life that they were meant to live.  “Her favorite quote is, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t… you’re right.” True transformation starts with your beliefs! Kelley is an avid world traveler, dancer and coffee addict!

Melanie Rankins
Fitness has always been an important part of my life.  I was a gymnast for 20 years and then went on to coaching gymnastics for another 10 years.  My passion for fitness inspired me to become certified as a personal trainer in 2011.  I specialize in simple, but effective workouts that are tailored to each individual.  I strive to make workouts that are efficient so that we make the most out of our time together. I have a one and a two year old at home, so I know how hard it is (but necessary) to squeeze in weekly workouts to our busy lives.  I look forward to meeting you and helping you reach your fitness goals!