How To Find Your Exercise Mojo-And Keep It!

Personal Trainer Nats Levi explains the four P’s of motivation.

By Nats Levi

So the year is flying by and you’ve just realized you haven’t been to the gym in weeks – and it’s clear your latest fitness resolutions went out the window months back! It happens. Here’s how to fix it.

If you’re feeling like you’ve lost your mojo the first thing you need to do is recognize that it’s totally normal. This is reality, motivation often goes astray. When your mojo is missing you have a few choices. You can choose to carry on as is and wallow in what could have been or, you can take a moment, decide to kick your own butt into gear and follow these four P’s of motivation.


  • Planning

Get your schedule sorted and start treating your workout as an event that’s just as important as any other appointment. Diarise and color code that time in your schedule, so that you have time which is set for your fitness. Consider this a date with your own physical fitness and mental well-being. You know that if you don’t schedule this in everything else will take priority; kids, partners, pets, the washing…


Consider what days you want to work out. How many days a week? What time is best for your body? Where will you exercise? Will you meet friends and take a class, or make time to see a personal trainer? The key is to find a “thing” you love to do for exercise. You also need diarise your workouts in a way that works for you. This could be “new school” using the calendar app on your phone, or “old school” using a written diary or paper schedule stuck to the fridge with beautiful heart-shaped magnets.


  • Priorities

You need to prioritize your set workout times as non-negotiable. These workout times should become known as “tiger time”, something you guard as fiercely as a tiger mom protecting her newborn cubs. You should decide on a minimum number of sessions that you need to allocate as “tiger time”. You do these sessions no matter what, and any extras are exactly that, extras. Yay, for the time to do the extras!


  • People

Every great team and athlete has a crew and support tribe around them. You need yours. People such as friends, family and colleagues who are as invested in your success and helping you reach your goal are golden. Take the time to let those closest to you know what you need to do each week and why. Tell them about your goals and the commitment you are making. Ask them to help hold you accountable. You never know, if that colleague who socializes every lunchtime understands your mission they might not try and coerce you into a lunch date that clashes with your favorite class – which is a good thing, as it helps ensure nothing gets in the way of your prioritized workout time.


  • Purpose

So, what is the real kicker behind setting SMART (Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time-bound) goals? The answer is your WHY. Your purpose. Ask yourself why you want to lose the 10 pounds? What is the real reason, desire and purpose? Why is this important to you?


Is it to feel sexier? More like yourself? To be healthier for your kids? Will the completion of a half marathon finally prove that YOU can finish a challenge you set out to do? Does getting on stage in a bikini scare you so badly that once you strut in your heels in front of strangers, you will find freedom from your own insecurities? When you unlock your real purpose your motivation will be unreal. Your purpose is the reason you can cut excuses and keep consistent. It will see you stick to the plan – even when you think the plan is ridiculous and you really just want to eat cake! No matter what your goal is, identify your true purpose (be honest and ruthless with yourself). Find the why. Write it, draw it, plan it. Identify this and you can achieve anything.


Use these four P’s; planning, priorities, people and purpose and you will be back on the achievement buzz, full of motivation and striving towards the gym like it is New Year’s Day. Go get it team!

Ask a personal trainer today about how to get started in a fitness plan that works for you! 

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Common Myths About Personal Training

Hi All,
My name is Bridget and I am one of the certified personal trainers you will find at Endurance Fitness of MN.  Personal Trainer; that title can have many mixed reactions, some of which are not very postitive. Today I would like to clear up some of those negative perceptions or misconceptions you may have about our profession! 

On the television and the internet, personal trainers are portrayed in an interesting way.  They are usually screaming at their clients, forcing them to eat nothing but protein shakes and pushing to the point of exhaustion or vomitting.  Meanwhile, they display their perfect, flawless bodies and encouraging unrealistic goals. This is NOT what a persoal trainer does and is definitely not who I am!  

Myth 1: All workouts with a personal trainer will be too hard!
No! As a trainer, it is my job to design a workout catered to you and your specific fitness level.  I will not have you squatting 2 times your body weight or running crazy sprints on the treadmill to the point of passing out!  With every client we start slow.  We discuss your needs and goals and begin working towards them.  We will use basic movements, light weights (or maybe nothing at all), we will take water breaks and hopefully have a little fun in the process.  We will move forward at your pace.  Will I challenge you? Absolutely (but I also want you to come back for more)!

Myth 2: I have to get into better shape before I can work with a trainer!

Nope.  Personal trainers are for every fitness level.  People with little to no workout history can benefit greatly from working with a trainer. I love to start with a client at a beginner level.  I can safely introduce movements, focus on form and really get some great results.  Also, this is a wonderful way for you to learn exercises for you to eventually feel confident to put together your own workouts and continue independently.

Myth 3: I will have to drink protein shakes and eat nothing but vegetables!
Not true!  Although we will discuss your current nutrition (especially if your goal is to lose weight) and I will give you suggestions, I will not force any unrealistic dietary restrictions!  I believe in moderation and indulging every once in awhile.  We all love a good cheeseburger and fries every now and then, especially in the summer!  Nutrition is hard and that part of a healthier lifestyle is really up to you.  I will, however, encourage you to get more veggies into your diet and give you simple guidelines to help you reach your goals!

Myth 4: Personal trainers have perfect bodies, never miss a workout or eat anything unhealthy.

Again, not true! I am the mother of 2 beautiful little girls, although I do work very hard, my body has changed and in some ways will never be the same as it was before.  I have insecurities and areas that I need to work on too.  I am not dancing around in a bikini or short shorts!  Nobody and no body is perfect.  Some days I just do not want to workout (gasp!) and I don’t always look forward to my workouts (double gasp!).  Some days, I woud rather sit at home with a bag of chips and binge watch Netflix, but those are the days it is important to dig deep for that motivation and get to the gym.  Having an appointment with a trainer can be a great way to hold yourself accountable even when you don’t want to.  Working out is hard for everyone, but I promise (even if you are not looking forward to it) I will help you through it and you will feel better in the end.  Back to the cheeseburger and fries, my nutrition is not perfect either, I indulge sometimes and have slip ups.  Like I said, nobody is perfect and we all need to enjoy life (unfortunately kale doesn’t have the same effect as a donut)!

Now time for some truth…
I love what I do.  I believe fitness is important, but also not easy.  I truly enjoy helping people get into shape and teaching my clients new ways to reach their goals.  I also really love watching people become stronger and more confident that carries through in all areas of their lives.  Seeing clients lose inches and pounds is pretty great too!  If you are still a little hesitant to give personal training a shot, I would love to offer you a free trial seesion so you can see what it’s all about or ask me any questions!  

Fitness is a journey and I’d love to be a part of yours!

To learn more about personal training visit the personal training page on our website:

To contact Bridget to set up personal training sessions, email her at

A New Personal Training Experience At Endurance Fitness!

Virtual Personal Training with Lisa Ledman

Packages Include

– Free intial consultation with Lisa Ledman,
  ACE Certified Personal Trainer
-Workout plans based on your individual goals
-Video demonstration and written instructions of exercises
-Nutrition guidance
-Accountability and feedback
-Results tracking


-Learn to use gym equipment effectively and safely
-Reach your health and fitness goals
-Access to a fitness expert
-Workout effectively on your own schedule
-Accountability and motivation
-Training plans for personal goals or athletic events 
-24/7 training plans

What Can You Expect?

Initial Phone  or In-Person Consultation
Your intial phone or in-person consultation is designed to help understand your goals and to develop a plan based on the information gathered. During your consultation, virtual training will be fully explained and any questions you may have will be answered.  During this week, your plan will be developed and sent to you upon enrollment in virtual training, completion of an online questionaire and signed waiver.

Workout Plans
Workout plans are customized based on the intial consultation and your goals.  You will receive a detailed workout plan, complete with step-by-step directions and videos.  Accountability and guidance through email, text and/or social media will be provided by the trainer.  Nutrition guidance and results tracking will be provided based on your goals.  Plans will be adjusted weekly based on your results.

Training Plans
Event training plans are customized based on the intial consultation and the type of event you would like to train for.  For example, if your goal is to run a half-marathon, your plan will include both running and cross-training workouts.  You will receive a detailed training plan weekly,focused on successfully completing and reaching your goals for the event.  Accountability and guidance will be provided to you by your trainer.  Plans will be adjusted weekly based on results and the proper progression towards completing your event successfully.

Nutrition Guidance
Nutritional guidance will be provided by the trainer, who will review your food log (if this is one of your goals).  Suggestions and ideas to improve your nutrition will be provided.

Results Tracking
Together we will be tracking your results, including weight, body fat, strength, pace and other measurements neccessary to monitor your progress towards reaching your goals.  Your progress will be closely monitored, your  plans and goals reviewed to be adjusted as needed to help you be successful.

To Learn More or Begin Your Journey Contact:

Lisa Ledman, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Virtual Training Rates

  • Number of Weeks/Rates:
  • 3…………………..$60
  • 5+1 free………..$100
  • 10+2 free………$200
  • 15+3 free………$300

Event Training Plan

  • Event/Rates:
  • (Minimum length of training required)
  • 5k
  • 4-week min……………….$60
  • 10k
  • 8-week min……….$90
  • Half-Marathon
  • 12-week min………$150
  • Relay Race
  • 12-week min………$175
  • Obstacle Race
  • 12-week min………$200
  • Marathon
  • 16-week min……….$250
  • *Please ask about other optional events not listed