Howdy!  My name is Jon McClanahan.  I am new to the Twin Cities, as I most recently resided in North Carolina for the last 10 years.  Although I’m a southern boy at heart, I’ve grown to love the city lights of Minneapolis and at least tolerate the cold weather!  For my full-time job, I am the Chief of Staff and Professor at the University of Minnesota Law School-which means that I get to teach at Endurance in the late evenings and weekends.

Fitness is my part-time job but my full-time passion.  I was overweight as a young adult, so it was critical for me to find a healthy outlet for my stress.  I began as a bodybuilder, but I quickly realized that I was better suited to running, biking, and group fitness.  I am currently a long-distance runner and triathlete, as well as an instructor.  I remember my first Les Mills class (BodyStep) like it was yesterday; I was just transitioning out of a difficult personal relationship and needed to find a group of similarly-minded people.  I was immediately hooked.  Within six months, I had attended my first initial training.  Fast forward five years later, and I am fully certified in 6 Les Mills formats: BodyPump (weight training), BodyStep (interval training with step/weights), BodyFlow (Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi), RPM (cycling), BodyJam (serious dance), and Sh’Bam (not-so-serious dance).

I love Les Mills because of its mission-to combat the global obesity epidemic-and its culture-one that promotes inclusion and friendly accountability.  Les Mills instructors and members are some of the best people I know, and I think that’s because the brand attracts genuinely good people who are working toward shared health and fitness goals.

The one piece of advice I’d give to new members generally is to step outside your comfort zone.  The type of change we seek-the kind that matters-doesn’t come by sticking to your old ways.  Try 30 minutes of that BodyFlow class, even if you don’t see yourself as a “Yoga person.”  I thought I couldn’t dance, but after taking several Les Mills classes I made it my mission to become an instructor.  The piece of advice I’d give new members to my classes is to say hello, tell me your name and a bit about yourself and your goals.  Studies show that group fitness works, and it’s in part because of the connections we make with each other.

Kia kaha! (Be Strong!)

Join Jon in a class or two!

Monday evenings (7:30-8:15 p.m.) BodyStep Express

Thursday evenings (7:05-8:05 p.m.) BodyPump

Sunday mornings (11:00-12:00 p.m.) BodyFlow