Each member of Endurance Fitness has a unique story and we are inspired by them!  Today we are going to hear from Alisa, who describes in her own words her personal fitness journey.

My husband and I have been married 11 years. We have two daughters that are 10 and 3. They keep us very busy. Outside of the gym, I enjoy reading and playing board games.

My husband and I joined Endurance in January 2018. We decided to join Endurance because of the location, the option for classes, the price, and the availability of child care. With young children, it’s hard to find time to go to the gym so I love that we have the option to bring them with.

The hardest part of getting started was finding a routine. My husband doesn’t like working out in the evenings and I work during the day so we wouldn’t come at the same times. I now have one day off every other week and we almost always go to the gym together on those days. I have a friend that joined soon after we did and she had a similar work schedule so we motivated each other to go to the gym.

When I first started, I would normally use the treadmill and some of the weight machines. I was very intimidated by the classes even though they are something that made me want to join Endurance. My friend I was going with didn’t have the membership with the classes included. I have another friend that joined around May 2018 and she wanted to do the classes. Since I had a friend with, I wasn’t scared to try them out. I don’t know why I was so scared to try any of the classes. All of the instructors are very nice and willing to help out and answer any questions. The other people are also always willing to help out if they know you are new. My favorite classes are BODYSTEP®, BODYPUMP®, and OULA. I recently started going to BODYFLOW® and CXWORX® when I can and I enjoy those a lot too.

If you are intimidated in trying a class, find a friend that can try it with you. Get to class a little early and let the instructor know that it is your first time so they can answer any questions you have. Don’t be afraid to look silly and not know what you are doing. Everyone was new at sometime and no one is judging you.

Since I started going to the gym, I have lost 40 pounds. I also started Weight Watchers in June 2018. Eating healthier and exercising has helped me lose weight and given me a lot more energy. I feel better better and I actually enjoy working out, which was something I never enjoyed doing before.

I think going to the classes helps keep me motivated to keep going back. Since they are at the same time on the same days each week, I can get in to a routine. It helps that I have my husband and a couple of friends that also go to the gym. There have been times that I didn’t feel like going but I knew my friend was going so that motivated me to go. My youngest daughter loves going to the gym so there are some Saturday mornings that I will go since she says she wants to go.

If you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, I would say to try lots of things to see what you like and what works for you. Try the different machines so see which ones you like the best. Try out some of the classes, there are a lot of different options for people at all levels.

Thank you Alisa for sharing your story!  You are an inspiration to all of us and we are celebrating your success with you!  


To learn more about how to get started in your own fitness journey or how to reach your goals, stop by the front desk or set up a meeting with one of our fantastic personal trainers!