Virtual Personal Training with Lisa Ledman

Packages Include

– Free intial consultation with Lisa Ledman,
  ACE Certified Personal Trainer
-Workout plans based on your individual goals
-Video demonstration and written instructions of exercises
-Nutrition guidance
-Accountability and feedback
-Results tracking


-Learn to use gym equipment effectively and safely
-Reach your health and fitness goals
-Access to a fitness expert
-Workout effectively on your own schedule
-Accountability and motivation
-Training plans for personal goals or athletic events 
-24/7 training plans

What Can You Expect?

Initial Phone  or In-Person Consultation
Your intial phone or in-person consultation is designed to help understand your goals and to develop a plan based on the information gathered. During your consultation, virtual training will be fully explained and any questions you may have will be answered.  During this week, your plan will be developed and sent to you upon enrollment in virtual training, completion of an online questionaire and signed waiver.

Workout Plans
Workout plans are customized based on the intial consultation and your goals.  You will receive a detailed workout plan, complete with step-by-step directions and videos.  Accountability and guidance through email, text and/or social media will be provided by the trainer.  Nutrition guidance and results tracking will be provided based on your goals.  Plans will be adjusted weekly based on your results.

Training Plans
Event training plans are customized based on the intial consultation and the type of event you would like to train for.  For example, if your goal is to run a half-marathon, your plan will include both running and cross-training workouts.  You will receive a detailed training plan weekly,focused on successfully completing and reaching your goals for the event.  Accountability and guidance will be provided to you by your trainer.  Plans will be adjusted weekly based on results and the proper progression towards completing your event successfully.

Nutrition Guidance
Nutritional guidance will be provided by the trainer, who will review your food log (if this is one of your goals).  Suggestions and ideas to improve your nutrition will be provided.

Results Tracking
Together we will be tracking your results, including weight, body fat, strength, pace and other measurements neccessary to monitor your progress towards reaching your goals.  Your progress will be closely monitored, your  plans and goals reviewed to be adjusted as needed to help you be successful.

To Learn More or Begin Your Journey Contact:

Lisa Ledman, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Virtual Training Rates

  • Number of Weeks/Rates:
  • 3…………………..$60
  • 5+1 free………..$100
  • 10+2 free………$200
  • 15+3 free………$300

Event Training Plan

  • Event/Rates:
  • (Minimum length of training required)
  • 5k
  • 4-week min……………….$60
  • 10k
  • 8-week min……….$90
  • Half-Marathon
  • 12-week min………$150
  • Relay Race
  • 12-week min………$175
  • Obstacle Race
  • 12-week min………$200
  • Marathon
  • 16-week min……….$250
  • *Please ask about other optional events not listed